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Rabble-Rowzas are Moonclan Grots that have taken it upon themselves to rouse the subterranean hordes of the Gloomspite Gitz. Such is the strength of their magically enhanced voices they can even drag the most stubborn titan out of their slumber.[1b]


While Grots love to fight rallying an army is hard unless the Bad Moon appears on the sky, preferring to fight only when the odds are in their favour and that is without the inherent difficulties of rousing various creatures that accompany Gloompsite hordes to battle. Troggoths prefer to sleep for decades, Arachnarok Spiders are callous and egotistical while directing Manger Squigs in one direction is a life's work for Grot Handlers, a life that is measured in mere hours. But for Rabble-Rowzas there is no trouble gathering up a horde, they travel through cave networks bellowing and clanging their weapons rousing even the most lethargic Troggoths and when they reach a Lurklair they are followed by a parade oof subterranean horrors, a sight that convinces Grots to join the horde as violent urges overcome them. their natural cowardice banished for a moment. [1a]


Rabble-Rowzas are armed with a Moonsickle and Basha. They are encased in a Squig-skull armour in which they hunker down to take shelter when attacked.[1b] The armour has strange abilities such as causing arrows to drop straight out of the sky as if scared to submission by the dead creature's animus. [1a] They also use Mushroom-stuffed Bat Squigs, rabid Bat Squigs that have been stuffed with volatile fungi and could be directed to dive bomb enemies in a explosive fashion.[1b]


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