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Squigs and Mangler Squigs.
Squig herd.
Spiteshroom and Stalagsquig.

Squigs or Cave Squigs are creatures that are ridden and driven into battle by Moonclan Grots taking immense joy from seeing these creatures go wild. Once loose these creatures bounce about and bite anything in their way, powered by their endless hunger.[3]

The leather of a Squig can be used to make boots.[5]


Bat Squigs

Bat Squigs are known to be little more than mouths with wings, descending on their foes in a flurry of gnashing jaws, while spattering guano.[6]

Colossal Squigs

Colossal Squigs are a type of squig tamed by the Moonclan, so large and filled with boundless energy that they can do enormous damage on the battlefield. These fungoid beasts are insatiable and completely driven by their hunger to devour anything they find edible, squashing everything in the way of of their next meal with their trampling feed. Once they are next to their prey they open their enormous, fleshy mouths to gnash their jaws at any tasty morsel or swallow them whole. If these creatures feel threatened the fungal blisters spread around their body start to burst, releasing thick clouds of spore that choke and blind those that are too close to it. When these creatures die their body builds up fungal spore gas until their pop, releasing a era-splitting sound, as they burst into a mass of smaller squigs, that quickly form a herd around it.[3]

Giant Cave Squigs

Giant Cave Squigs are bigger, meaner, and angrier versions of the normal Cave Squig. They are sometimes rode by Moonclan Bosses, but on rare occasions, two of them are chained together and are called Mangler Squigs. When they crash into their foe, they earn their name, with bloody limbs filling the air amid the screams of the dying. [2a]


Elongated Squigs used for providing a pallid illumination in the Gloomspite's Lurklairs.[2b]


Snufflesquigs are little more than massive noses and snapping mouths with wiry little legs that can be trained by Sneaky Snufflers to identify Looncaps, a type of mushroom that grows from the light of the Bad Moon, from others that induce effects such as vomit slime, break out in luminous yellow spots, babble uncontrollably or even burst into flames. When the Bad Moon approaches these unique squigs begin to howl with raised snouts.[2a]

Squig Gobbas

Squig Gobbas are a type of enormous Squig used by the Moonclan Grots as living artillery. They can regurgitate smaller squigs, referred to as Spit-squigs, they have devoured soaring through the air, flailing in uncharacteristically graceful, saliva-tracking arc, before splatting against their targets and exploding in clouds of acidic spores. The grot crew prod and poke these fungoid beasts so they aim their ballistic squigs at enemy ranks. Should the enemy get close enough to be a threat the grots can defend themselves with their bashin'stick and the squig can defend itself with its cavernous maw.[4]

Squiggly Beasts

Squiggly Beasts are Squigs that caper around the feet of Wurrgog Prophets and protect them with their fanged maws. Wurrgog entice them out of hiding and into their service with enchanted bones.[8]


Stalasquigs are squigs coated in a solid rocky hide, of such hardness blades are more likely to break than to get harmed themselves. Should they get angered they can easily gnash through metal and bone.[6]




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