Mollog's Mob

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{{{3}}} Mollog's Mob
Mollog's Mob 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Destruction
Faction Gloomspite Gitz
Sub-Faction Hammers of Sigmar
Leader Mollog the Mighty
Members Bat Squig

The Mollog's Mob are an Troggherd warband whose members are the denizens of a dark, damp cave, a Bat Squig, a Stalasquig, a Spiteshroom and Jabbertoads, led by the Dankhold Troggoth Mollog the Mighty.[1] These creatures inhabited a mushroom-littered cavern under the dunes of the Desert of Bones for centuries, its Troggoth master only coming out of it to feed. Then a group of Skaven invaded from deep underground, so they were attacked and eaten, but in the fight the cavern was destroyed. Mollog and the denizens of the left to find a new one, only to stumble into the ruins of Shadespire. They went underground to find a damp place to rest and instead found themselves in the Mirrored City. Now they still search for a new quiet home to sleep in, smashing any who would cross their path.[1][2][3] Though the warband is not native to Shadespire, Mollog and his minions find the perpetual gloom of the Mirrored City rather appealing.[4j]


Mollog the Mighty

Main article: Mollog the Mighty

Mollog the Mighty is a Dankhold Troggoth who leads a warband of fellow dankhold creatures. He had originally slept in his mushroom-littered cavern beneath the Desert of Bones surrounding the city of Shadespire, until he was interrupted by a Skaven infestation. He eventually stumbled upon the ruins of Shadespire before finding himself in the labyrinth of the Mirrored City where he seeks gloomy, dank cavern to rest.[1] He is armed with a massive club which is covered with myriad mushrooms that secrete all manner of toxic fumes.[4a] He may also carry with him a Jabbertoad as snack, a creature whose acidic skin renders it an effective weapon.[4b]

Bat Squig

Main article: Bat Squig

A Bat Squig is one of the creatures that followed Mollog out of his original dankhold cavern. Bat squigs are little more than mouths with wings, which together prove a deadly combination.[4c] These creatures are not easily captured.[4d]


Main article: Spiteshroom

A Spiteshroom is a fungal creature that followed Mollog out of his original dankhold cavern. To stand downwind to a Spiteshroom can be fatal[4e] as the fungal clouds emitted by it can rot flesh from bone.[4f]


Main article: Stalasquig

A Stalasquig is one of the creatures that followed Mollog out of his original dankhold cavern. Very much resembling a stalagmite, it uses its inconspicuous appearance to close in on an enemy.[4h] Once in position, it releases fungal sediment that quickly subsumes nearby objects.[4i]



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