Fungal Asylum

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The Fungal Asylum

The Fungal Asylum is a secret weapon and oubliette sub-dimension, controlled by Skragrott the Loonking. It is found within a sub-dimension that can only be accessed by a nameless Realmgate guarded by four-armoured Dankhold Troggoths, found deep beneath the city of Skrappa Spill.[1][2a]


The sub-realm constantly changed its layout, with the mushrooms often contributing towards those changes.[1]

Fauna and Flora

The realm itself is thoroughly infested with fungus. The very ground is covered in a living carpet of fungus that are easily crunched by walking, but quickly grow back. Breaths quickly turn into multi-hued mold that persists briefly in the air.[1]

The Fungal Asylum was created to host Scryshrooms, former mortal scryers and seers captured by the Loonking and turned into wailing prophetic fungus with the Moon Onna Stick. These Scryshrooms are attended by Fungus-Keepa, former grots driven mad by the cacophony and transformed by parasitic fungal blessings. Predatory fungal entities such as the Straggleneck Fungus hunt for food, occasionally preying on visiting grots.[1]