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Dankholds are unnatural places were the darkness is thick and the cold dampness settles into the bones of those wander into the depths. In some places the shadows coagulate into sucking meres that can swallow a man whole while some may even develop a crude sentience, gnashing stony fangs and snarling threats at one another in low voices of grinding stone.[1]

Dankholds are primarily inhabited by Dankhold Troggoths and their Troggbosses, but also segmapedes, gitgrabbers, Bat Squigs and countless other troglodytic critters.[1]


Units Troggboss (Dankhold) - Troggoth (Dankhold - Fellwater - Rockgut - Sourbreath - Sulphurbreath - Mirebrute) - Troggoth Hag (Fellwater)
Characters Mollog - Murkthudd - Old Lady of the Bog
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