Madcap Shaman

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Madcap Shamans are wizards of the Moonclan Grots that channel the power of the Gloomspite to conjure weird magics. With a wild wave of his loonstaff the shaman can fling dazzling blasts of destructive energy and ravenous swarms of magical squirmlings at enemies, shrouds his allies behind shields of shadow and malice or even plunges entire swathes of the battlefield into unnatural darkness.

Madcap Shamans can boost their powers by consuming a madcap mushroom which send wild visions searing through the shaman’s brain, green lightning crackling along his limbs and fat sparks shooting from his eyes. The empowered shaman can unleash super-charged spells or even conjure powerful Endless Spells like the Mork's Mighty Mushroom or Scrapskuttle's Arachnacauldron into being. However they may accidentally injest a madcap toadstool which are virtually indistinguishable from madcap mushrooms, but cause their eater to start retching up clouds of highly corrosive spores that dissolve his innards and indeed his outards until, in extreme cases, he collapses into a pile of bubbling sludge.



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