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The Scuttleboss Spittlegit Spiderkin.

Scuttlebosses are the greatest warriors chosen by the ruling shamans to lead the Spiderfang armies in battle. These swaggering bullies over a lifetime of rituals to the Spider God has resulted them in becoming part arachnid.[1][2][3b]


They are larger, meaner and more arrogant than others of their kind and are vicious killers skilled in the use of wicked blades. Unlike others of their kind they lead by example, exhorting the skittermobs to attack with all the strength they possess and are capable of planning ambushes and flank attacks with mean-spirited ingenuity. In battle Webspinner Shamans rely on them to keep the stalktribes moving in the right direction. However they are not necessarily braver than the average grot war leader but gain a degree of manic courage due to arachnid venom coursing through their veins. These sporadic bouts of brilliance and being out of touch with reality cause them to charge into battle ululating war cries that inspire their followers to skitter headlong into the enemy and stab at them in a wild frenzy.[1][2][3b]


Scuttlebosses deliberately ingest increasingly hazardous spider venoms, lick venomous creepy crawlies and are forever being bitten by arachnids both large and small in bizarre rituals. This toughens them up enormously mutate them to the point that some Scuttlebosses are rumoured to be more spider than greenskin. These changes include clusters of eyes, mandibular inner mouthparts, poisonous blood and whip-swift reactions. These are seen by other Spiderfangs as blessings of the Spider-God and may also explain why larger arachnids allow the Scuttlebosses to ride to war upon their backs.[1][2][4]

They can invoke these blessings of their god to empower the venoms the Spiderfangs use, which has a gruesome effect on their foes.[2][3a][4]


Scuttlebosses are carried into battle by the Gigantic Spiders, which breed in the wildest and darkest corners of the Mortal Realms and can grow to the size of a Dracoth and even larger when measured limb to limb. A gifted shaman may manage to steal away a clutch of newly hatched gigantic spiders to be reared and trained in the next. When fully grown Scuttlebosses win their status by staring down and mounting such a beast without being sucked dry in the process.[1][2]

These spiders protect their riders with their gigantic fangs that glisten with lethal venom. They are able to crawl through vertical walls as if they were flat ground, giving them the ability to move across obstacles as if they were not there.[3a][3b]


Scuttlebosses are armed with Envenomed Spears or Swamp Spears coated with a lethal venom. These are paired with a Boss Shield, which they use to block their foes' attacks.[3a][3b]





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