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Yaggle, self proclaimed Voice of Behemat is a Grot, once of the the Pitskulker Skrap and the unlikely friend of the Mega-Gargant Hradoth. [1a]


Yaggle is a particularly clever Grot who when young had often been teased and beaten by the other grots but when older was often called upon to solve their problems. However he quickly grew bored with solving their minor issues and spent time thinking up games like: Write Spooky Messages on the Cave Walls and Pretend they're from Nighthaunts and Put Squig Dung Where The Boss Will Slip On it However, after one too many games of How Many Teef Can I Steal From the Mouths of Dead-Drunk Gits Before They Notice? he was exiled by the Loonboss Wazzit. [1a]

Alone now, he managed to survive and whilst eating his way through the livestock of a human farm he had raided, he encountered the Mega-Gargant Hradoth, narrowly avoided being eaten himself by claiming to be an avatar of Behemat! Although initially suspicious, Hradoth went along with the tale and was led to the hideout of the Pitskulker tribe which he smashed and devoured with relish. [1a]

Hradoth confided in him that he had himself been thrown out of his small family tribe, still ruled over by his gargant Auntie. Together they sought vengeance and after distracting said Auntie, killed her three sons, the mega-gargant's cousins. Despite this triumph, Yaggle decided to leave his now slumbering new friend but ran into a tribe of Spiderfang grots looking for the mega-gargant, hoping to kill him before they suffered the same fate as the Pitskulker Skrap. [1a]

Yaggle then discovered that Wazzit had survived and sought refuge with the same tribe and he was forced to flee back to the sleeping gargant who ate the grots, Giant Spiders and Arachnarok Spiders. [1a]

They now travel together, looking for a good meal.[1a]


I en't Behemat exactly. I's only the voice. Y'see? A prophet, like. To speak the godbeast's will. I know what he knows and say what he wants. I still get scared sometimes, but I's a son of Behemat. Just like you.

~ Yaggle to Hradoth.[1a]


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