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The Grimscuttle are a confederation of Spiderfang grots from the underworld of Neferatia in the Realm of Shyish. Grots of the Grimscuttle call themselves Deff Grots.[1a]

The common folk of Neferatia call the Grumscuttle grots the Black Stalkers and tell stories of them emerging from caves and forests to abduct (depending on the tale) wayward children, secret heretics, or even entire villages. The stories say that the Stalkers feed their victims - and any pursuers who become entangled in the web-walls they leave to cover their escape - to the giant spiders who rule over the Stalkers.[1a]

The Grimscuttle are known for having great numbers of Skitterstrand Arachnaroks accompany them on their raids.[1a]


While the precise details are lost, the Webspinner Shamans claim that a visionary grot who they call the First Boss first travelled to Neferatia at some point in the Age of Myth, and by the Age of Chaos the grots were well-established. Many of the various Grimscuttle tribes claim descent from this legendary figure.[1a]

Age of Chaos

Many of the Grimscuttle tribes avoid conflict with Chaos warbands by offering to guide them across the mountains to Neferata's capital of Nulahmia, a far more enticing target than their lairs in the Screaming Wastes of eastern Neferatia.[1a]

The various stalktribes begin to form loose coalitions, with the stronger tribes extracting tribute from the weaker ones in return for protection. The increased interaction between tribes this brings results in Webspinner Shamans attempting to outdo each other with their knowledge of the Spider God, eventually leading to an attempt to summon their deity through a ritual that came to be called The Great Skitterscream.[1a]

The shamans attempted to open a Realmgate directly to their god. What came through instead were seven Skitterstrand Arachnaroks, who devoured the sacrifices left for the god before eating a great number of grots. The appearance of the Bad Moon compel the remaining grots to drop to their knees in prayer instead of fleeing, which seems to appease the Skitterstrands. Since then, the Grimscuttle have had a special bond with these spiders.[1a]

In the aftermath of the Great Skitterscream, Grimscuttle raiding parties swarm across Neferatia, compelling Neferata three times to send armies to eradicate the grots. All three of the armies are defeated. However, these raids also result in the Tzeentchian Daemon Prince Xyl’Ax’Thaurum being ambushed and devoured before he can attack Nulahmia.[1a]

Many of the Grimscuttle follow their totem Skitterstrands through their arcane trap-holes, some even setting up lairs in the Skitterstrand's nest.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

A great Webfeast is held by the Grimscuttle and is attended by several distant stalktribes: the Bad Eggz, the Ash Skuttlerz, and the Dank-Kreeperz. The feast is attacked by the Astral Templars in an effort to destroy the Grimscuttle, but the Stormcast Eternals are all slain in what the Grimscuttle's guests agree is the best Webfeast so far.[1a]


Grimscuttle raiding parties are almost always accompanied by at least one Skitterstrand. In battle, while the Spider Riders engage the main body of the enemy, the Skitterstrand will appear from its trap-hole to drag off enemy officers and wizards. Perhaps taking inspiration from the Skitterstrands' ambushes, Grimscuttle Scuttlebosses are adept at attacking from unexpected angles. In addtion, the grots scout their raid targets and set traps, either in the form of spiked pits and trip-webs or secret passages to attack from concealment. Ambushing the enemy is considered to be best, as it emulates the tactics of the Skitterstrands.[1a]


The Grimscuttle are a confederation of a number of Spiderfang stalktribes. Among the known tribes are:

  • Moon Skuttlerz: a tribe who claims descent from the First Boss, who they say wielded a spear called Fing-Stabba. Wiped out in a conflict with the Spook-Stranglerz over the name of the First Boss' weapon.[1a]
  • Spook-Stranglerz: a tribe who claims descent from the First Boss, who they say wielded a sickle called Fing-Slysa. Wiped out in a conflict with the Moon-Scuttlerz over the name of the First Boss' weapon.[1a]
  • Grave Feasterz: Currently the biggest of the Grimscuttle tribes. They boast that their patron Skitterstrand, Boss Seven-Eyez, once devoured an entire coven of Bloodseekers and the palanquin they were riding on.[1a]