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Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Legion of Azgorh
Type Mortal

Ba'hal, in the tongue of the Chaos Duardin, or Bull Centaurs, are monstrous creatures, twisted fusions of Duardin and Centaur born from the works of the priests of Hashut.[1c]


They are filled with a unquenchable hunger for flesh.[1c]


Bull Centaurs are an avalanche of muscle and rage, making their charges particularly devastating, trampling all beneath their iron-shod hooves.[1c]


The Infantry are known as Render, carrying Spiteshields, laced with malefic curses that unleash tendrils of flame upon being struck, into battle.[1c]

Their leaders are the Taur'ruk, the largest and most powerful of their kind, violent but still keen-witted and intelligent. These leaders have the the Favour of Hashut and easily are able to drive their kin into zealous frenzy with their imposing presence.[1b]


Because of their close resemblance to Hashut, the Legion of Azgorh employs them as shock troops and temple guardians, entrusted to protect the sacred fanes of their god.[2]

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