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Titles Father of All Squigs[2]
Type Godbeast[2]
Status Deceased[2]
Home Orborean Woods[2]
Relatives Squigs(children)[2]
Affiliation Destruction[2]
Followers Moonclan Grots[2]
Symbols Skull of a Cave Squig[2]

Boingob is a Godbeast that was immolated in it's attempt to devour the light of the Realm of Hysh. It is known as the Father of All Squigs.[1]


There are tales that tell the how during the Age of Myth, Boingob rampaged through the lands of Ushnoria and Heln and devours several civilisations. Because the light of the Realm of Hysh hurts his beady little eyes he is determined to consume and chases after it. He leap upon it and a blazing flash that can be seen all across the Mortal Realms follows. His body is consumed by fires too hot for the deity to survive and all that remains is his huge, black and smouldering skull that crashes in the Orborean Woods in the Realm of Ghyran.[2]

His skull becomes a sacred place to the Moonclan Grots, tunnelling into and around it to raise the most aggressive and deadly squigs. This and the surrounding crater become such a mighty stronghold that it survives the Age of Chaos.[2]


Before his destruction he had a gnashing maw and beady eyes.[2]

After his death all that remains is a huge, charred skull, blackened by fire, inside a crater amidst Ghyran's Orborean Woods.[2]


Moonclan Grots consider the skull of the god-squig a holy place and have built a powerful fortress around it to raise the most aggressive and deadly squigs.[2]

The skulls of Cave Squigs ridden by Scaremongers are used to represent this deity.[1]


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