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The Jaws of Mork is quite possibly the largest Squigalanche in the entire Mortal Realms. It hails from the land of Yska in the Realm of Ghyran, but over the years elements of the Jaws of Mork have bounced far and wide across the realms - sometimes even intentionally.[1a][2a]


According to tales told in Shivver's Pit, the first boss of the Jaws of Mork, Norg Nasty-necka, felt that Kurnalune, a moon of Ghyran, was making fun of him. Remembering the tale of Boingob (except for the bit where Boingob died after jumping too high), he fed his pet squig an excessive amount of puffgut-balls and hopsplatter fungus, went to the highest point of the Yskian Veldt, and jumped up into the sky in an attempt to get Kurnalune. This so amused the Bad Moon that it has kept an eye on Yska ever since.[2a]

That this story only became popular after the similarly-obsessed-with-moon-jumping Overbounder rose to power has led some cynics to speculate that this legend is an attempt to curry favour with the Loonboss. These cynics point to the natural fertility of Yska and the relative frequency of the Bad Moon's appearances overhead as a more likely explanation for the numbers of squigs in the area.[2a]


The current leader of the Jaws of Mork is the pseudonymous Overbounder, who covers himself head to toe in armour to, in his words, remain "in cognee toes" so that the Bad Moon won't see him coming. He bounded into view one day and defeated then-boss Rizza da Red in a race for command of the Jaws. The Overbounder's overwhelming obsession is to jump over the Bad Moon, and this obsession has naturally been imprinted on his impressionable followers.[1a][2a]


As expected of a Squigalanche, the Jaws of Mork use squigs extensively, even more that other Moonclan grots. Jaws of Mork skulkmobs, mostly made up of grots who haven't managed to jump on a squig yet, often take squigs as mascots, and most grots of the Jaws believe in letting squigs take the lead when unsure of a path to take, though often they don't have much of a choice.[3a]

One of the abilities attributed to the Overbounder is the ability to speak the language of squigs. Whether this is true - or indeed whether the beasts have a language at all - is unknown, but the grots claim that this is why their squigs are more tractable than squigs elsewhere, so more grots survive to become Squig Hoppers and more Squig Hoppers survive to become Boingrot Bounders.[2a]

Whether the Yskian soil explains the origins of the Jaws of Mork or not, it does explain how the Jaws manage to replenish their numbers so quickly. Like just about anything else, squig spores grow quickly and well in Yska, and so there is always a ready supply of squigs for the grots to attempt to tame. The soil has so affected the squigs of Yska, in fact, that many squigs from the region are an especially fast-growing breed known as the Yskian Bounder. Similarly, the grots find it relatively easy to breed rare and exotic squigs like the Syari Screamersquig.[1a][2a]


The Jaws of Mork have traditionally worn red cloaks, but such has been their success since the rise of the Overbounder that many grots wearing the standard black robes of the Moonclan or their original skrap's colours have joined the Squigalanche. The Overbounder himself is not at all interested in enforcing uniform standards, and so the Jaws are a motley bunch.[2a]


The tactics of the Jaws of Mork are classic Squigalanche tactics, namely burying the enemy in a horde of gnashing jaws. They're just better at it than most, possibly because Yskian Bounders grow so big and so fast that they can field many, many Mangler Squigs. The closest thing to a signature maneuver is their penchant for simply chewing clean through a weak point - up to and including ones in fortress walls - and then stampeding through the resulting gap.[1a][2a]


  • The Overbounder appears and challenges the current boss of the Jaws of Mork, Rizza the Red, to a race through scorpisquig-infested caverns. The grots watching the race later swear that the Overbounder spoke to the scorpisquigs and told them to attack Rizza.[2a]
  • The ascension of the Overbounder and resultant attention from the Bad Moon warps the Yskian Veldt. A Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber of the Knights Excelsior stormhost attempts to engage the squigalanche, only to find that they severely misjudged its strength and had only engaged the rearguard of the horde. The Stormcast Eternals are swiftly wiped out once the main part of the Jaws notices their presence.[1b][2a]
  • The Dreadhold Rarkenfal in northern Yska is overrun by the Jaws of Mork, many of whom go on to jump from its highest tower in an attempt to reach the Bad Moon.[2a]
  • Loonboss Wozzik and his squig stampede are lured into a hidden realmgate in northern Yska by strange lights. The confused grots soon find themselves in Hallost in the Realm of Shyish. For a while, local Lumineth forces report seeing large numbers of squigs heading towards the Endless Boneyard, but Wozzik and his lads are never seen again - though a few weeks later, a scouting party from the city of Vaddenheim does come across the remnants of a large Khornate warband that appears to have been squashed flat.[2a]
  • While bouncing through Ayadah, the vanguard of the Jaws of Mork find themselves confronted by a horde of Boingrot Bounders calling itself the Loonking's Lancers that demands that the Overbounder swear fealty to Skragrott. This does not go over well, and soon a battle between the two squigalanches breaks out. Eventually, the Jaws of Mork outpace the Loonking's Lancers, but not before the two of them accidentally destroy the Dispossessed fortress of Ghuzgarm.[2a]


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