Rippa's Snarlfangs

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{{{3}}} Rippa's Snarlfangs
Rippa's Snarlfangs.jpg
Grand Alliance Destruction
Faction Gloomspite Gitz
Leader Rippa Narkbad
Members Mean-Eye

Rippa's Snarlfangs are a Gitmob warband whose members consist of three Snarlfang Riders. Amongst the Gitmobs, it is no crime to launch a leadership challenge by trying to stab your Gitlord in the back. It is, however, inadvisable to mess it up. When Rippa Narkbad’s bid for power went horribly wrong, he chose rapid and self-imposed exile over the messy death he would undoubtedly have faced if he had hung about. His two best ladz, Stabbit and Mean-eye, came with him, more out of guilt by association than any real sense of loyalty. Down but not defeated, Rippa has led his grumbling and mutinous companions to Beastgrave in pursuit of the magnificently shiny choppa he sees every night in his dreams. With that blade in his hand, surely Rippa could ride back to his tribe and claim rulership over the headless corpses of all his old rivals.[1]


During the warband's time in Beastgrave they encountered a warband of Fyreslayers, one of which possessed a great choppa that Rippa sought as his own. The warband initially sought to trap the Fyreslayers in a deep pit they had dug, but found the mountain quickly filled it with amber. They then sought to crush the Fyreslayers with an avalanche of rubble, but this plan was foiled by Stabbit who fired their rockfall mechanism early, because he wanted to be sure it worked. Their third plan was to lure the Fyreslayers and ambush them over a deep chasm corrupted with shadeglass and leading to the Mirrored City of Shadespire itself. Their plan largely succeeded, with Mean-Eye successfully picking off a couple of Fyreslayers as they were worn down by the fighting. The lead Fyreslayer who possessed the sought-after choppa was successfully taken down by Stabbit, who took his time in torturing the downed Duardin with repeated jabs of Stabbin' Stikka. However, when his guard was low, the Fyreslayer seized Stabbit and dragged him down into the chasm alongside the coveted weapon. Rippa ordered Mean-Eye to follow Stabbit, expecting that they would return.[3]


Rippa Narkba

Main article: Rippa Narkba

Rippa Narkba is the leader of the namesake warband. He is armed with his Boss Loppa[2], however what he truly seeks is a great, shiny loppa with which he may return to his Gitmob and challenge his former Gitboss.[3]


Main article: Mean-Eye

Mean-Eye is a grot archer. Armed with his Grot Bow[2], he is especially adapt at firing repeated and accurate shots.[3]}


Main article: Stabbit

Stabbit is armed with a Stabbin’ Stikka.[2] He possesses a great penchant for cruelty and will delay a killing blow in order to jab at his victims with his spear.[3]



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