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The Badsnatchers are a tribe of Moonclan Grots who make their home in seven massive lurklairs under the Hushed Hills of the Realm of Ulgu.[1a][2a]


The Badsnatchers are led by the charismatic Loonboss Ogwotz the Magnificent.[1a][2a]


Ogwotz has convinced his followers that they have already ushered in the Everdank due to the misty, gloom-shrouded surface conditions in the Hushed Hills resembling the stories of that fabled paradise. This has resulted in unusual confidence among the Badsnatchers, and they frequently raid the surface for all manner of valuable objects.[1a][2a]

The belief that they already live in Everdank has caused the Badsnatchers to act even more maliciously than most grots. For them, the value of an object is as much in its dearness to those they take it from as it is in its shininess. [1a][2a]


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