Bad Moon

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Bad Moon
Deity Bad Moon 01.png
Status Active
Affiliation Destruction
Followers Gloomspite Gitz

The Bad Moon is a moon-like deity worshiped by the Moonclan Grots and Spiderfang Grots of the Gloomspite Gitz.


The Bad Moon is a malevolent planetoid formed from the strange substance known as loonstone. It has a leering visage whose eyes are vast as oceans while fangs are the size of mountain ranges, and whose twisted features shift impossibly with every waxing and waning. It takes on various appearances. Sometimes it is little more than a sliver of sickly yellow light and at others it swells into a bloated monstrosity that swallows up the sky. It has a leering face which shifts when one blinks, looks away or else a cloud passes before it which according to greenskins are 'faces of da moon' representing different sides of Gorkamorka.[3a]

The Bad Moon possesses its own strange satellite, a hurtling lump of misshapen rock that runs mad rings around it at breakneck pace. This has its own origin stories such as being the Bad Moon's pet squig, Gorkamorka's mace or fist which swings wildly to smash other celestial bodies out of the way, the Bad Moon being Gork's head and the satellite Mork's or perhaps vice versa. Another theory of the Nosebiter hordes of the Pointyklaws mountain range is that this smaller object is in fact the spirit of an ancient Moonclan chieftain who conquered eight great mountain peaks, and so was blessed to accompany Gorkamorka's rampage through the skies for all of time.[3a]


The Bad Moon travels through the cosmos in a random path barging aside other celestial bodies and throwing prophecies and auguries into disarray. When it fills the skies it blocks out light as well as hope and rational thought to drive non-Greenskins mad who mutter nonsense rhymes or even babble weird dead languages. Looncap fungi erupt from their bodies with painful and often fatal results. Gloomspite hordes on the other hand are energised and freed from Glareface Frazzlegit. Grots and troggoths scuttle from every crack and crevice like isects to wreak havoc and bring ruin upon entire nations. It is said that the Bad Moon recognises and rewards those grot leaders with enough vision to foresee its erratic course and offer up sacrifices as it thunders overhead. Many Loonbosses and Webspinner Shamans have claimed to feel the ‘Clammy Hand’ upon them, meaning they possess the Bad Moon’s manifest blessings. The presence of the Bad Moon also causes Grots to feel the Gloomspite, which acts as an alternative to the Waaagh! among the Grots as they are too puny to generate a proper Waaagh! [3a][3b]

The Bad Moon is able to throw meteoric shards of loonstone that plummet to the ground with punishing force known as the "Fangz of the Bad Moon". These range from little bigger than a stone shiv to rocky masses the size of a mountain that can completely obliterate fortresses and encampments. It can also vomit clouds of asteroidal debris into the skies that spread a pall of darkness ushering the Everdank upon the region.[3b][3c]

Origin Theories

The origin of the Bad Moon remains a mystery but there are several major origin myths among the grots.[2]

  • The Moonclan Grots have a myth that says once Gorkamorka was on a rampage throughout the Mortal Realms gobbling mountains and oceans. One night he saw the biggest moon and climbed on the sky to eat. But the moon was too tough and the greenskin god broke their tusks on it. These teeth fell on the realms and became mountains which the Moonclan would come to inhabit while leaving some his power in the moon. Since then the greenskins have known it has the Bad Moon and forbidden from eating it.[1][2]
  • The Spiderfang Grots believe its the egg of the Spider God and believe that one day the egg will crack and cover all the realms in spiders.[2]
  • Shamans believe the moon is a result of the spirits of every grot wizard ever lived being bashed together in the sky.[2]


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