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Shootas are Moonclan Grots that attack with volleys of black-fletched arrows from gnarled recurve bows, relying on the sheer weight of numbers to saturate the target area with hundreds of barbed shafts. Those that survive the barrages are then surrounded and viciously stabbed to death by the Shoota Skulkmobs. The Skulkmobs of Shootas are led by a Moonclan Boss.[1][2][3]


Shootas are armed with a Moonclan Bow, a type of recurved bow alongside a Slitta for finishing enemies up close. Standard Bearers carry either Bad Moon banners that inspire something approximating courage or Weird Bad Moon icons containing enchantments that can veil the grots in arcane shadow, or radiate waves of unnatural gravity that send enemies' projectiles wobbling off course. Some may also become Netters that carry a Barbed Net that can be thrown to entangle foes while Gong Bashers use clanging gongs to herd mobs into battle.[2][3]



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