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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Lumineth Realm-lords faction. For a list of all units see: List of Characters.

For the Sub-Lists see:


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Avalenor Lumineth Realm-lords Spirit of the Mountain Aelementor An exceptionally powerful and unique Spirit of the Mountain from the Great Nation of Ymetrica.
Celennar Lumineth Realm-lords Unique Aelementor The spirit of Hysh's true moon, bound to Teclis as a companion.
Sevireth Lumineth Realm-lords Spirit of the Wind Aelementor The Lord of the Seventh Wind.

Ellania Lumineth Realm-lords Unique Aelf The Chosen of Teclis and sister of Ellathor.
Ellathor Lumineth Realm-lords Unique Aelf The Chosen of Tyrion and brother of Ellania.
Light of Eltharion Lumineth Realm-lords Unique Aelf, Spirit The Spirit of the Aelven warrior Eltharion the Grim animating a suit of ornate armour.
Lyrior Uthralle Lumineth Realm-lords Vanari Lord Regent Aelf The Warden of Ymetrica.
Teclis Lumineth Realm-lords Unique Aelf, God One of the Twin Gods of Light and brother of Tyrion.
Tyrion Lumineth Realm-lords Unique Aelf, God One of the Twin Gods of Light and brother of Teclis.

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