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Harantio the Galerider is a Hurakan Windmage and a folk hero of the Hyshian nation of Helon. He is reknowned for his prodigious age of hundreds of years, and for his exceptional luck - which all delighted youngsters know is his giggling wind spirit Parashei. [1a]

The Tale of the Crimson Orbs, for example, speaks of when Harantio stole Groggo the Shark-Eater's prized fist-sized rubies, and then escapes when the Gargant inexplicably tripped on the carcass of his own meal - impaling himself. The Tale of the Long-Sought soul tells of when the Galerider angered Sigmar by stealing one of his storms, getting struck by lightning and falling from the skies whilst crossing the Temeritis Ocean. He then somehow drifted to the sanctum of Scuala the Myrmai, awakening to see the love of his life staring down upon him. [1a]

Though none known if Harantio truly exists, there have been sightings of a mysterious Hurakan figure bringing victory to beleaguered Lumineth forces at the exact right moment. [1a]


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