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Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind is a Hurakan Spirit of the Wind. He is the Seventh of Hysh's seven regal winds - Aelementors that are immortal and unstoppable, going whenever and wherever they please - and is known for being particularly for his searing anger - even by the standards of his fellow wind spirits. As such, he has acquired titles such as the Scourer, the Red Gale, and the Killing Sandstorm. [1a]

The Wind Spirit was not always filled with such seething hatred - in the Age of Myth he blew wildly and freely across the Desert of Illuminations in Haixiah, teaching the mysteries of the desert to any travellers brave enough to enter, even conferring the power of flight upon them. This changed when a Slaaneshi sect, fearing his power, sought to entrap the spirit. Their Infernal Enrapturess patron lured him into a cave by making a cave's tunnels create the most beautiful music when blown through. When sufficiently entranced, the cultists trapped him in, leaving the wind to rage impotently until he was released by Teclis at the beginning of the Reinvention. [1a]

Upon leaving his prison, he was filled with a searing rage towards those who would seek to harm Hysh, his gales scouring flesh from bone and eroding the statues of tyrants with his passing. So great is his rage that even other Wind Spirits fear his half-mad howl. [1a]



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