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Lyrior Uthralle, the Warden of Ymetrica and Voice of the Lord Phoenix is the supreme Vanari Lord Regent and the figurehead of all Tyrionic nations, speaking with the authority of Tyrion himself. He is their spokesperson of their interests when the Teclian elite debate the future of the realms. [1a]


Uthralle maintains a cool-headed and logical exterior, being seen as calm and neutral even amongst his fellow Lumineth. This is, however, a ruse; even with his own personal trio of Scinari Cathallars to provide catharsis, the only true way for his tortured soul to find true peace is for him to scream into the void in his private moments. This anguish comes from his self-perceived failure to protect his family and home city of Muavheil from an Orruk invasion, whilst he was defending the citadel of Tor Limina in Ymetrica from an army of Mordants. [1a]



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