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Vanari Bannerblades are champions of the Vanari caste. Only the most dependable and steadfast of the Lumineth Realm-lords could ever hope to hold the position of Bannerblade, for the majestic standards they bear - known as World Banners - are extremely valuable.[1a]


To allow a world banner to fall in battle is utterly unthinkable to the Bannerblade; even the idea of such a precious artefact falling into the bloody muck of the battlefield is enough to make a them shudder with revulsion. As such, all who hold this office are experts in a form of swordsmanship known as Ollirathai, a term that roughly translates into the Azyrite tongue as the Shield of Swords. With their back foot planted fast, the Bannerblade is capable of fencing half a dozen foes to a standstill, all whilst keeping the standard held immovable until the threat is neutralised. [1a]


Should the worst come to pass and the banner fall, its bearer will go into exile, seeking to burn the weakness from their soul by walking into the transformative light of Hysh's Perimeter Inimical. As yet, none who have done so have returned. [1a]


The World Banners are banners enchanted and blessed by mages from each type of aelementiri shrine and woven with ethereal Solarsilk. Syari artifice ensures they are sown with sacred imagery and symbols of aelven supremacy, such as the Eclipsian and runes charged by the aelementiri disciplines that transfer a degree of this magical power to the bearer of the banner. [1a]



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