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Ikrit is an ancient Skaven Warlock Engineer from the World-that-Was. [1a]


Like many powerful skaven he has many titles including: The Ur-Rat, The Rat That Was, Outcast, Life-Taker, Gnawing Winter. [1a][1g]


A hunched skaven encased in metal, his muzzle edged with diamond edged teeth whilst tufts of white hairs jut out from gaps in the metal plates. One hand is a large iron claw, studded with lenses, crystals and bolted to his arm. His eyes are a piercing blue-white. Hamilcar Bear-Eater considered his powerful presence was only matched by Sigmar himself, but rather than light and glory he radiated rust and shadow sewn together by spite. [1a]


He is now so old he cannot recall how many thousands of years he has endured or what he was before. [1c]

During the Age of Chaos he travelled to Nagashizzar to claim the Books of Nagash, and more secrets he took from the children of the Oak of Ages. His agent, Malikcek stole artefacts from the Realm of Ulgu in exchange for Ikrits continued protection from its god, Malerion and he is able to use them to hide from the Great Horned Rat himself. [1c]

By the Age of Sigmar he was pursued by many gods including Alarielle, Nagash, Malerion, Tyrion and the Great Horned Rat [1d] but still he sought to gain knowledge and power, improve his somewhat tenous existance and memory. [1c]

He orchestrated the Battle of Kurzog's Hill and the subsequent capture of Hamilcar,[1a] allowing the skaven engineer to interrogate and carry out extensive experiments to discover the secrets of how the Stormcast Eternals had been created, deeply testing and plundering body and mind .[1b] He created a version of the Anvil of Apotheosis and broke and re-forged Hamilcar upon it to truly test his new abilities and knowledge. [1c]

Attacking the Seven Words and encountering Hamilcar again, he declared that when he was strong enough he would travel to the Realm of Azyr and take the throne of Sigmar for himself. [1f] He is finally defeated by the combined forces of the defenders, his head torn off by King Augus Ayr Augellon [1g] but his body disintegrates into a bolt of lightning that arcs into the sky returning to, or so Hamilcar speculates, Ikrit's travelling burrow.[1h]


  • Cogwork shock-vermin: Stormvermin clad in bronze armour, armed with shock halbards and able to execute devastating pre-programmed combat routines. [1f]
  • Micro-constructs: He has been able to create tiny machines that look like flecks of dust to the naked eye, these he can insert into a subject to examine its internal biological workings. [1b]
  • Realm Travelling Burrow: His stronghold-burrow-laboratory is able to travel through the Mortal Realms. [1e]
  • Warsuits: Giant suits of powered armour piloted by engineers. [1f]


The lightning-god and his duardin slaves take-steal from all of Pantheon, and mix-meld to make something unique in the realms. And powerful. First step is hardest, I know. Innovation not easy. But after that? What has been made once can be copied. The lightning-god has a secret. I want-want.

~Ikrit .[1a]

I like-like you, Hamilcar. You remind me of...life. I do not want to hurt you again. I was a living rat once. I lived in a place other than this. A gone place. All over that world I travelled, seeking knowledge, power. I found-learned immortality of a sort. But not like this. True immortality. The power to die and come again. That you gift-gave to me. And to remember. Many things I had forgotten. One day...One day I hope-want to remember my real name.

~Ikrit .[1g]


Given his name, appearance, personality and methods this is almost certainly Ikit Claw.


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