Battle of Kurzog's Hill

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Battle of Kurzog's Hill
Location The Nevermarsh
Outcome Chaos victory
Chaos: The Blind Herd (Beastmen)
The Legion of Bloat (Nurgle Rotbringers)
Order: Aetar,
Freeguild Regiments
The Bear-Eaters Chamber of the Astral Templars - (Stormcast Eternals)
Brayseer Kurzog
Manguise the Bloatlord
Hamilcar Bear-Eater
1500 Gors and several Bullgors, less than a thousand Rotbringers, unknown numbers of skaven but including flying machines. 1900 warriors inlcuding 3 Ogors and 50 Stormcast Eternals.
Manguise the Bloatlord (Killed). Queen Ellias Ip Augus (Killed), Hamilcar (Captured)

The Battle of Kurzog's Hill took place in the Age of Sigmar as Hamilcar Bear-Eater sought to wipe out the forces of Chaos that had been plaguing the Gorwood. [1]





Aetar Scouts located the Chaos force of Beastmen and Rotbringers in the Nevermarsh, although they had been driven off by Disc Riders, Rot Flies and spear throwers, killing one eagle. They communicated this to Hamilcar, who marched on that location. [1b]

The Legion of Bloat formed the front line, with the majority of the Blind Herd behind them, although retaining the centigors and chariot on one flank. As the forces of Order approached they banged gongs and man-skin drums, blew trumpets and pipes and called out insults to lure them towards them. Frankos, Knight-Heraldor to Hamilcar deployed the Freeguild in a wide crescent facing the hill, spreading the Stormcast Eternals amongst them. [1c]

Hamilcar silenced the music and jeers of his opponents with a blast from the war-horn of Frankos, followed by all of his assembled warriors roaring his name. He offered single combat with either of the Chaos champions with the rank and file of the defeated able to depart following the duel - neither Kurzog or Manguise accepted, allowing the Lord-Castellant to mock them and raise the spirits of his own forces even higher. Then the forces of Order charged the Legion of Bloat.[1c]

As the two sides fought hard, Xeros Stormcloud blasted the followers of Nurgle, having held back his lightning until then. In response King Augus Ayr Augellon, his wife and daughter and two dozen other Aetar attacked - half were led by Princess Aeygar Ayr Augus to strafe the enemy on the hill, whilst Queen Ellias Ip Augus sought to drive off the Rot Flies and Disc Riders. [1d]

Hamilcar pushed forwards and found himself engaged by Manguise who now accepted his challenge - as they fought the first devastating shot came from the until now hidden Skaven, sending Ellias crashing lifeless to the ground. A number of Skaven airships then arose from concealed positions behind the hill, shedding their camouflage mats as they did so and blasting away at both he giant eagles and ground troops. Thousands of skaven emerged, not just clan rats but also many in baroque powered armour as well as warpstone powered automata resembling bronze Troggoths - as they attacked so did the Beastmen. [1d]

Although urged to retreat by Broudiccan Stonebow, Hamilcar refused, killing Manquise as he fought on regardless. Besieged by Skaven, he was then taunted by Kurzog and he responded predictably, calling on the nearby warriors to fight harder for victory. His bodyguard Broudiccan is killed by a shadow cloaked assassin and Hamilcar himself is overcome and clubbed unconscious even as the Aegar and the remains of his army retreat from the field.[1d]


The Chaos forces were drawn up on a small hill in the middle of a number of frozen bogs in the Nevermarsh. [1c]