Augus Ayr Augellon

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King Augus Ayr Augellon is the ruler of the Aetar, giant celestial eagles that inhabit the peaks of Gorkoman in the Realm of Ghur [1]


A vast eagle with a wingspan twice the width of a Flamespyre Phoenix, a gold circlet atop his head, a great hooked bill and his neck armoured in steel decorated with topaz.[1a]


His wife and queen was Ellias Ip Augus and his daughter Aeygar Ayr Augus. [1a]


He was born before the Age of Sigmar and watched the forces of Chaos and Destruction fight over the Seven Words for more than five centuries. [1a]

Hamilcar Bear-Eater managed to form an alliance with him against the forces of Chaos in the Gorwood despite the kings disdain for and suspicion of Sigmar. [1a]