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A Penumbral Engine.[4]

A Penumbral Engine is an arcane device of obfuscation that cloud the mind and mask the darkest of secrets. These devices were utilized by Sigmar in creating the Stormvaults to seal atefacts and creatures of immense power that were considered too dangerous to let roam free.[2] The engine's power is that of obfuscation, dampening the minds and obscuring the power of anything within its vicinity.[2][3]


During the Age of Myth, Teclis gifted Sigmar with an Enlightenment Engine in honour of their alliance, friendship and remembrance of their peoples' history of sharing knowledge in the World-that-Was. This gift was preceded by Malerion's gifting of the Gladitorium. These Engines of Enlightenment sat upon the highest spires of Hysh and were used to expand the power of one's self and expanding one's mind.[1a] However, Sigmar had other plans for these engines. In secret, with the help of the smith-god Grungni, who was eager to annoy the smug Aelf god Teclis when he eventually discovered the scheme, the devices that reversed the power of the Englightenment Engines were constructed, thus creating the Penumbral Engines.[1b] Despite Sigmar's efforts to hide his works and betrayal of Teclis' trust, the Aelf god and his brother Tyrion discovered Sigmar using the power of the Penumbral Engines to subdue ancient and powerful beings and artefacts. While they did not retaliate or make known their discovery, they vowed to never forget.[1c]


The Penumbral Engine was constructed using the designs of the Enlightnment Engines, but was instead refashioned in an Azyrite fashion. In contrast to the Enlightenment Engines' power of opening the minds of those within its vicinity, the Penumbral Engine instead clouds the thoughts of those nearby.[1b]

The arcane machines also cause the information about the locations they hide to disappear over time thus even those that built the Stormvaults would lose their memories while maps and scripts containing information on their locations would progressively become blank. [1b]

The Penumbral Engine is not self-powered. Instead, it uses powerful spirits as an energy source. Some were volunteers who decided to make the ultimate sacrifice while others were old foes imprisoned against their wills.[4] Some were even those loyal to Sigmar, but were trapped within the Stormvaults against their will.[5]


The power of the Shyishian Necroquake had weakened the power of the Penumbral Engines across the realms, exposing many Stormvaults. One of the most prominent of these is the Stormvault beneath the Free City of Lethis, which housed the spirit of Orpheon Katakros, Mortarch of the Ossiarch Legions.[4]


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