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Realmshaper Engines are arcane devices of Old Ones technology used by the Seraphon to remake reality to their will in accordance with the Great Plan. These massive engines transforms lands into a haven for the Seraphon and an inhospitable nightmare for their enemies.[2]


The Realmshaper Engines are used by both Coalesced and the Starborne. Among Starborne temple-ships the world-chambers are maintained by Realmshaper Engines creating massive chambers that swelter with tropical heat, their basins filled with thick jungle and meandering rivers. For the Coalesced Realmshaper Engines play a crucial role in founding their temple-cities. They detach from the underside of temple-vessels landing before the ships land to form a temple-city. Even the Starborne may selectively send them through translocation portals to morph areas of the material plane in line with their interpretation of the Great Plan. When charged with celestial energy, the orb atop the ziggurat emits a bright light before releasing waves of terraforming power upon the realms that could instantly transform even the rockiest ground into thick jungle and barren dust to bubbling swamps while creeping vines and venomous plants overtake the ruins of ancient civilisations. [1a][1b][1c]

They are usually placed atop critical nodes in the Astromatrix which allows the Starmasters empower the technologies of their lost masters and as a side effect the jungles formed by the Realmshaper Engines reflect the essential qualities of their home realm. For example in Aqshy they create particularly sweltering forests while in Shyish the forests are withered and emaciated but still rife with choking vines and grasping branches.[1c]



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