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Titles Quetzl The Preserver[2a]
Domains Guardians[2c]
Physical World[2b]
Type Personification of the Old Ones[1a]
Status Unknown

Quetzl is one of the deities venerated as an Old Ones by the Seraphon as Quetzl The Preserver[2b], though they do not truly recall the names or identities of their creators[1a]. Quetzl is worshipped as a god of protection and the physical world[2b], lord of warriors and guardians[2c]. As a diety of both guardianship and warding his sigils are used widely by the Seraphon to invoke protection, adorning everything from personal shields and gylph-charms to the shield-vanes that protect temple-cities[2b]. Even Seraphon themselves born beneath Quetzl's constellations are warded with his blessings as they spawn with with denser muscles[2b], thicker scales and jutting bony protrusions that can deflect even the keenest blows.[2c]


Quetzl is revered as part of the sprawling pantheon of the Old Ones[2a] where he is widely venerated as a god of protection and guardianship, and his sigils evoked wherever the Seraphon require warding.[2b]. Quetzl is believed to have many relations and be the brother of Quetli, the keeper of future paths, though heated debate rages over this as some Skinks maintain that Quetli is merely a mistranslation of Qutzl and does not exist.[2b] This theological schism is so fierce that the constellations of Quetli's Mantle and Roaring Corona have had their arguments explode into violence.[2b]


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