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Starfire War is one of many constellations of Seraphon that reside in the Cosmos Arcane.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

During the War of Life the Slann Starmaster known as Xen'phantica played a subtle role in aiding the Sylvaneth and Hallowed Knights during their transportation of Alarielle's soulpod. Until the arrival of Skarbrand, at the behest of the Blood God, forces the Slann to intervene. Xen'phantica and several hosts of the Starfire War constellation meet Skarbrand's horde at an ancient stone circle. The battle proves brutal, with all the Seraphon but Xen'phantica being slain, but lasts long enough for the Starmaster to banish Skarbrand to the Realm of Aqshy.[1a]

The Starfire War continued to serve their Starmaster during the Realmgate Wars. Eventually much of the constellation was slain alongside Xen'phantica slain by Korghos Khul's Goretide, during the campaigns to trick the daemon warlords of Orb Infernia into fighting one another.[1a]

In the Time of Tribulations Korghos Khul readies his forces to invade the rest of Aqshy with Orb Infenia serving as a staging ground. In response, an alliance of warlords forms to stop him. They bring together many mages and engineers to build a temporal cannon, which harnesses the power of the Infinity Gears. When the cannon is fired it resets time on the moon.[1a]

As a result the daemon warlords who once ruled Orb Infernia return, displacing the Goretide, as do the Seraphon of Starfire War. Xen'phantica leads his forces to once more trick the daemons of the moon to devolve into constant in-fighting.[1a]

Notable Members


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