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Salamanders are carnivorous reptiles that can be found across the Mortal Realms, usually in whatever regions the Seraphon have settled in. Their presence in the Great Parch and long history with that region, suggests the Seraphon have long been active in the Realm of Aqshy.[1a]


These reptiles have inflatable sacs on their necks, which contain pyrophoric acid. This acid can be used by the Salamanders to light their mouths and fangs on fire, or else to spit out gouts of fire. In addition thanks to their fiery nature they are immune to the hazardous effects of heat and fire, and can even swim in lava.[1a]


No Aelf, Duardin, or Human has ever managed to domesticate these creatures, though many have tried. A great number of feral, Coalesced Salamanders are found in the Great Parch, where they are worshipped as fire spirits by the local peoples.[1a]

They are one of many creatures tamed and used by the Seraphon.[1a]


Some Skinks believe that Salamanders were created by the Old Ones. The legends they tell claim the first Salamanders were incubated in cosmic furnaces by the mysterious creators of the Seraphon, making them and their progeny living embodiments of stellar fire.[1a]

The Fyreslayers believe that these creatures may instead by descended from Vulcatrix the Ur-Salamander, a deceased Godbeast deeply tied to their cultural origins.[1a]


Salamander meat is a popular delicacy in both the Great Parch of Aqshy and the Jade Kingdoms of Ghyran.[2a]



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