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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Seraphon factions. For a list of all units see: List of Characters.

For the Sub-Lists see:


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Klaq-Tor Seraphon Saurus Oldblood Saurus Oldblood that is often called upon by Lord Xen'phantica.
Ku-Quar Seraphon Saurus Scar-Veteran Saurus A Saurus Scar-Veteran Seraphon from the Fangs of Sotek Constellation, riding into battle on the back of a Carnosaur. He is the leader of the host of warriors and reptilian beasts that the constellation is made of and the first to enter the Mortal Realms when summoned by Slaan Starmaster Zectoka. He is the very tip of the longest tooth of the constellation.
Narok-Gar Seraphon Saurus Sunblood Saurus Sunblood in the service of Lord Xuatamos, he guards the Spawning Chambers on the temple-ship of Aximahotl
Oxtl-Kor Seraphon Saurus Oldblood Saurus Oldblood in the service of Lord Kurkori, representing his rage in the Dreaming Constellation.
Quar-Toc Seraphon Saurus Scar-Veteran Saurus A Saurus Scar-Veteran Seraphon, known as the Fury of Azyr and is from the Dracothion's Tail Constellation.
Sutok Seraphon Saurus Sunblood Saurus Sunblood in the service of Lord Kurkori, representing his hope in the Dreaming Constellation.

Iquala Seraphon Starmaster Slann He and a Seraphon host were ambushed by a great conclave of Gaunt Summoners and Chaos Sorcerers assembled by Archaon. Not even his arcane might could resist their combined power.
Kroak Seraphon Starmaster Slann This mummified slann is an ancient and venerable figure. Though his powers are a mere shadow of their former glory, his spirits is still strong enough to summon clusters of comets into the battlefield.
Kuoteq Seraphon Starmaster Slann He has the power of the Dracothion's Tail constellation at his call.
Kurkori Seraphon Starmaster Slann Dreaming Seer of the Second Departure, a Starmaster who helped save the Great Worm Shu'gohl from the Skaven.
Ockatla Seraphon Starmaster Slann A Starmaster who ended the Battle of Splintered Bones by summoning a stampede of giant horned beasts, after his Seraphon departed he left the creatures to roam free.
Ox'Totl Seraphon Starmaster Slann Attacked the Wormroot Fortress of Plaguelord Vomitus with a million seraphon.
Qulaqu Seraphon Starmaster Slann He that predicted the rise of the Suppurating Lord. He sets the Seven Stars of Azyrandia into alignment, bathing the Festering Gulch in starlight as he sent Seraphon to attack the Nurglites. While the Seraphon failed to destroy the army, it was all according to his plan, the Seraphon's star 'blood' seeping into the gulch and clearing it forever of dark magic.
Suqek Seraphon Starmaster Slann The Diviner is a leader of a constellation of Seraphon.
Tetolok Seraphon Starmaster Slann A Starmaster who the Tzeentch Arcanite Zagul tried to capture within a maze of tzeentchian sorcery, only for starmaster to reverse the trap into a prison for its creator.
Toc-choa Seraphon Starmaster Slann A Starmaster who defeated his foes who were concealing themselves in the shadows of the Gloomspire.
Xen'phantica Seraphon Starmaster Slann One of the eldest Slann, who in the World-that-Was was the Lord of the Third Temple-pyramid and Invoker of the Red Eclipse. He works towards the Great Conjunction and the final defeat of Chaos, having twice fought alongside Sigmar himself.
Xuatamos Seraphon Starmaster Slann The master of the temple-ship of Aximahotl, during the Time of Tribulations his Starpriest, Maq'uat found that he had entered the long sleep, and would not awaken.
Yuqal-tak Seraphon Starmaster Slann A Starmaster who was slain by a Great Unclean One on the Basalt Shores. Despite his death his Seraphon were victorious, before finally fading into starlight.
Zectoka Seraphon Starmaster Slann A Starmaster who vividly recalls End Times where he witnessed 8000 murders as his temple was overrun by Khorne worshippers - he now descends to destroy the Blood God's soldiers.
Maq'uat Seraphon Skink Priest Skink A Skink starpriest in the service of Lord Xuatamos who in the Time of Tribulations took up the role of his master.
Takatakk Seraphon Skink Priest Skink Skink priest in the service of Lord Kurkori, representing his cunning in the Dreaming Constellation.
Taktak'rillo Seraphon Skink Priest Skink The favourite Skink of Lord Xen'phantica, although he has been slain many times, he is always brought back by his master.
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