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Stegadon Equipped With A Balista

Stegadons are herd beasts found in the jungles controlled by the Seraphon.[1a]


Stegadons are scaly, reptilian herd beasts who have large armoured crests and horns protruding from their heads. They will eat just about anything.[1a]


Stegadons are amicable creatures, that can happily tolerate the presence and company of smaller creatures. They are among the longest-lived beasts bred and kept by the Seraphon, and so they tend to form deep bonds with their handlers.[1a]

They are incredibly calm creatures, even at birth whether hatching from eggs or emerging from Spawning Pools, and many Seraphon are reminded of the majesty and might of the Old Ones when they look upon them.[1a]

Though docile and amiable, they will defend themselves when the need arises. Adults of a Stegadon herd will corral the young in between them, as they lower their crested heads to form a shield wall to defend the herd.[1a]


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