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The Constellations of the Seraphon are somewhat analogous to the civilizations and tribes of other races that live across the Mortal Realms. As each Constellation is a grouping of Seraphon with their own unique culture and ways of waging war.[1a]


An endless number of Constellations can be found within their Temple-Fleets in the upper reaches of the Realm of Azyr, many of which will be centred on a singular senior Slann Starmaster, though there are those who have settled their fleets in the other Mortal Realms, established Temple-Cities, and coalesced.[2a] Constellations are often named after literal constellations found in the heavens, Seraphon myths, and even Godbeasts.[1][2a]

These Constellations can vary wildly in size, with the smallest comprised of just a scant few Seraphon. The largest can often be comprised of several temple-fleets or temple-cities, with untold thousands of Seraphon living within them, oftentimes operating in several Realms at once. Some of these larger constellations will even have multiple Slann within each city or fleet, guiding and governing them.[2a]

While the Starborne Constellations will bring their eternal war against Chaos to any battlefield in the Mortal Realms that they are commanded to go to by the Slann, their Coalesced counterparts prefer to fight localized wars around their Temple-Cities, though they will use any Realmgates nearby to bring their war against the enemies of Order to the regions on the either sides of those shimmering portals.[2a]


The military forces of a Seraphon Constellation are comprised of Warhosts, each led by a Saurus or Skink leader. The warhosts of a Starborne Constellation are known as Starhosts, while the warhosts of Coalesced Constellations are known as Temple-Hosts. Every constellation can field multiple Warhosts.[2a]

Known Seraphon Constellations


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