Fangs of Sotek

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Fangs of Sotek emblem.

Fangs of Sotek is a constellation of Seraphon that rises above the Mortal Realms when the winds of Azyr blow their strongest. They are summoned by Slann Starmaster Zectoka. Scar-Veteran Ku-Quar and his Carnosaur is the star at the tip of the longest tooth and he is the first to step on the Realms when the Slann summons the constellation, leading the host of warriors and lumbering reptilian beasts into battle.[1]


Seraphon of the Fangs of Sotek are distinguished by their blue scales, with a red stripe running the length of their backs.[2] These red markings can vary from Seraphon to Seraphon.For some these patterns cover only protruding spinal scales, while others have red colouration covering large portions of their heads and extending to their tails. Still others will have a fork in their colouration before it means the tail, with the red extending to frame their flanks.[4a]

Skinks and Saurus of higher ranks have slight differences in the colouration of their stripes. Saurus Scar-Veterans and Skink Starpriests will have a line of black amidst their red stripes. Whereas the venerable Saurus Oldbloods and Skink Starseers boast a white streak between the black, denoting their wisdom and authority.[4a]

Realmgate Wars

When Sigmar's Tempest thundered across the realms, the Fangs were one of the first constellations to lend aid to the Stormcasts. Though no formal alliance was ratified, the sight of saurus cohorts marked with the distinctive red crests was common around Realmgates the Stormhosts sought to claim. As these Seraphon waged war with their trademark vigour, the constellation eradicated a countless number of tainted tribes. Through these purges the Seraphon bought time for the foundation of the Stormkeeps, and through them the Cities of Sigmar.[3a]

Hybrid Constellation

The Fangs of Sotek are most closely aligned with fellow forces of Order, or so they claim. As Oder began to enroach upon the realms once more, the strategy of the Fangs shifted. Once defined by their massed saurus assaults, Zectoka's true desire was to forge a united front against Chaos - albeit with the Seraphon pulling the strings. Therefore, the Fang's skinks, being more civilized, were embedded within the societies of the Free Cities. These skinks serve as crafters, scribes, and readers of oracular portents, growing more renowned as the decades passed. Thus, the Fangs of Sotek became a curious hybrid constellation, partially Coalesced yet keeping much of strength hidden within the temple-fleets.[3a]

Defense of Free Cities

When the free cities are threatened, the Fangs are quick to march in defense. Zectoka has expended too much effort to ensure the rise of these cities to allow them to fall. Only rarely do the Fangs fight alongside the free peoples and instead eliminate threats before the armies of Sigmar even take note of their existence. Utilising javelins and blow-darts, the Fangs lay low the commanders of would-be adversaries. The fluid skink formations are guided to their targets by celestial visions of their priestly leaders, evading any attempt to pin them down. Zectoka monitors these shadow campaigns and dispatches his saurian cohorts at the most vital cruxes of fate to do their red work.[3a]

Serpent God

Despite their efforts to establish themselves within the free cities, unsettling rumours follow the Fangs of Sotek. Froom the Chambers of Heavenly Justice in Hammerhal to the smoke-shrouded taphouses of Anvilgard, whispering voices speak of strange rituals performed in quiet quarters of the cities. These rumours speak of disturbing sacrificial rites wrought in the name of a so-called 'serpent god'. The skinks claim ingorance, citing only their desire to see their adopted homes flourish. When a noble is found dumped in a canal with their heart savagely cut out, many assume it is the work of the bloodthirsty Daughters of Khaine - especially when it is later uncovered that the deceased possessed interests many would deem vile and blasphemous. However, the Daughters note the fanged brands subtly carved into the flesh of the sacrificial victims, and argue otherwise.[3a]



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