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Koatl’s Claw emblem.

Koatl's Claw is a coalesced constellation of Seraphon that believes the Great Plan has long been subverted and now only relies on savage instinct to survive at any cost. They are nominally led by their Starmaster Lord Quex, who has been gravely wounded by skaven attackers and is now confined to his deathbed.[1a]


Arrival in Ghur

Koatl's Claw was perhaps the first constellation to coalesce. During the early years in the Age of Chaos, skaven of Clans Pestilens breeched the hull of the constellation's primary temple-ship via a gnawhole, seeking an ingredient for one of the Great Plagues rumored to be created from a world's death. Although the skaven were repulsed, the damage they wrought was devastating. Its intricate mechanisms crippled by arcane rust-phages, the temple-ship began a perilous descent that saw it impact with titanic force upon the plains of Mekitopsar, Ghur.[1a]

The tribal communities from miles around the site of impact were cast into ruin by the collision's aftershocks, and the survivors were forced to turn to depraved gods to survive. Worse than the mass casualties the constellation sustained was the realisation that their Starmaster, Lord Quex, had been gravely infected by the skaven. Only the mental of the strength of the slann prevented him from succumbing to his injuries, and on occasion he could even astrally project himself to contribute to battle. However, from that moment on the Starmaster was confined to his deathbed for fear that the exertion of leaving would end him.[1a].

With their Starmaster incapacitated and his skink attendants in panic, it was left for the saurus commanders of Koatl's Claw to reassert control. They responded the only way they knew how, by preparing for war. The spawning engines that survived the impact were pushed to the upper limits of their capacity, quickly creating hundreds of thrashing saurus. This process was not without cost, for such an accelerated incubation period within the spawning pools meant agony for the newly birthed, leaving a scar upon their souls that would never fade and would fill them full of primal rage. Revertheless, the Oldbloods of the constellation had a host of saurus possessed of savagery beyond any seen before at their command. The first of their targets were the corrupted human tribes of Mekitopsar, who swiftly eviscerated by the bestial saurians.[1a]

Shaping Mekitopsar

Borderline-feral saurus dominate the armies of Koatl's Claw. With their spawning pools almost never silent. With the rampant celestial energies unleashed through the accelerated spawnings combined with the ever-hungering animus of Ghur, the constellation's Realmshaper Engines found around the crash site have been supercharged. These engines have turned Mekitopsar into a primordial nightmare capable of literally swallowing whole armies.[1a]

Era of the Beast

For centuries, the feral warriors of Koatl's Claw have been content to tear apart any who venture into their jungles, though the spreading primal madness of the Era of the Beast has begun driving them ever deeper into animal fury. Lord Kroak has begun efforts to reconnect with these stranded servants, however, harnessing their bloodthirst in the name of the Great Plan once more.[2b]


There is no subtlety to the strategies employed by Koatl’s Claw, as the primary concern of their warlords is simply ensuring their frenzied saurus cohorts direct their rage at the enemy. The rate of attrition amongst the constellation’s armies is high, for its warriors pay little mind to thoughts of self-preservation while there is flesh to tear and bones to snap. However, the bloodthirsty violence they are capable of unleashing more than compensates for this potential deficiency. The commanders of Koatl’s Claw are amongst the most fearsome warleaders in all the Mortal Realms. Their favoured weapons are butchering blades of terrible power, and each of these champion spawn-lords is capable of slaughtering entire ranks of enemy warriors.[1b] At the command of their savage warlords, hosts of Koatl's Claw have travelled beyond the Realm of Ghur. There the frenzied reptillian warriors fight any foe that presents itself, their creed of saurian supremacy roared from atop the disembowelled remains of their adversaries.[1a]


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