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Name Type Description Wielders
Aeon Shield Saurus Sunblood
Astromancer's Staff Skink Starseer
Boltspitter Skink Skirmisher
Celestite Blade Saurus Knight
Celestite Club Saurus Warrior
Celestite Greatblade Saurus Scar-Veteran
Celestite Lance Saurus Knight
Celestite Polearm Saurus Guard
Celestite Spear Saurus Warrior
Celestite Warblade Saurus Scar-Veteran
Celestite War-mace Saurus Sunblood
Celestite War-pick Saurus Scar-Veteran
Saurus Astrolith Bearer
Celestite War-spear Saurus Scar-Veteran
Dartpipes Chameleon Skink
Divining Rod Skink Oracle
Drakebite Maul Kroxigor
Meteoric Javelin Skink Skirmisher
Engine of the Gods' Skinks
Stegadon's Skinks
Bastiladon's Skink
Moonstone Club Skink Skirmisher
Moonstone War-spear Skink Rider
Moon Hammer Kroxigor
Skyblade Master of the Skies
Stardrake Shield Saurus Scar-Veteran
Saurus Knight
Saurus Warrior
Saurus Guard
Starstrike Javelin Terradon Rider
Star-buckler Skink Skirmisher
Ripperdactyl Rider
Star-stone Staff Skink Priest
Star-stone Mace Saurus Eternity Warden
Star-stone Dagger Skink Starpriest
Sunbolt Gauntlet Saurus Oldblood
Sunleech Bolas Terradon Rider
Sunstone Spear Saurus Oldblood


Name Type Description Users
Astrolith Icon Saurus Astrolith Bearer
Cloak of Feathers Clothing Skink Priest
Priestly Trappings Clothing Skink Priest
Serpent Staff Staff Skink Starpriest
Stardrake Icon Icon Saurus Knight
Saurus Warrior
Saurus Guard
Wardrums Instrument Saurus Knight
Saurus Warrior
Saurus Guard


Name Type Description Users
Floating Palanquin Palanquins Slann Starmaster
Mystical Stone Palanquin Palanquins Lord Kroak
Palanquin of Constellations Palanquins Skink Starseer

War Beast Devices

War Beast Devices
Name Type Description Users
Ark of Sotek Bastiladon
Engine of the Gods Stegadon
Meteoric Boulders Terradon Rider
Skystreak Bow Stegadon
Solar Engine Bastiladon
Sunfire Throwers Stegadon


Name Description Notes
Zoetic Dial This Astrolith makes the strands of fate envelope its bearer with the alignment of constellations.
Incandescent Rectrices This vibrant plume shimmers with the length of a thousand stars and is imbued with the restorative powers of the heavens.
Blade of Realities A blade that existed in one form or another across every realm and reality. It is remembered into existence by the Slann Starmasters to bring about the end of tyrants.
Light of Dracothion The tears of Dracothion can wash away corruptive and foul energies. It is gathered by the Slann on their journeys to Azyr.
Coronal Shield This shield blind and immolates those who stand in front of it.
Prysm of Amyntok This object channels the aetheric power of from the skies of the Realm of Azyr, blasting away one's foes with a bear of pure white energy.

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