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Titles Tepok the Seer[2b]
The Inscrutable One[2b]
The Great Coatl[2d]
Type Personification of the Old Ones[1a]
Status Unknown

Tepok is a deity venerated as an Old One by the Seraphon as Tepok the Seer, The Inscrutable One[2b] and The Great Coatl[2d], though they do not recall the true names of their long absent creators[1a]. The Seraphon believe he is the ruler of the mystical in all its forms, blind to everything but the shifting of arcane winds, and that he is the patron of Skink scribes and mages[2b]. Tepok is depicted in the form of Coatl, a flying feathered serpent with a natural affinity for magic, and those Seraphon born with his blessing share some of these features, sporting purple scales with iradescent patches of protofeathers[2b] and an innate resistance to magical assault[2f].


Tepok is revered as part of the sprawling pantheon of the Old Ones[2a] where he is considered to be the wisest of the Old Ones[2d], the inscruitable lord of the arcane and the patron of scribes, mages and priests[2b]. Mages in particular are his greatest worshippers, many of them integrating feathers into their rainaments feathers in his honor[2b], while Skink Starpriest clad themselves in feathered garb when they go to war[2c]. The greatest temple-cities dedicated to Tepok sit atop floating Metalith, absorbing the energies of light deep within Hysh's Helon Geosegment[2b].

Tepok is depicted in the form of a Coatl[2b] and the feathered serpents are considered sacred to him as conduits of his blessings[2e].

The Seraphon also believe Raptadon are sacred to Tepok and that the species' sudden revival with the Era of the Beast is a gift from him, granting his children a weapon their enemies could not predict[2d]. It is considered fitting that a creature sacred to the wisest of the Old Ones would possess intelligence nearing that of a Skink[2d]. While many Skinks are capable of taking a Raptadon as a mount, only those spawned under Tepok's asterisms possess the raw fanatiscism and innate connection to the creatures to become Raptadon Chargers[2d]. Chargers are revered as paladins Tepok and wield relics from the depths of the Great Coatl's temples considered conveyers of his fury, that only flare to life in the hands of ones bearing his blessing[2d]. Chargers can communicate with their Spawn-kin and Raptadon mounts through a shared deep telepathic bond, allowing instant communication without need for words and preventing Tepok's secrets from being spoken aloud to the uninitiated[2d].


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