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Titles Bringer of Fire[2a]
The Blazing One[2b]
Chotec the Invigorator[2b]
Type Personification of the Old Ones[1a]
Status Unknown

Chotec is one of the deific personifications of the Old Ones[1a][1b], venerated as Bringer of Fire[2a],The Blazing One[2b] and Chotec the Invigorator[2b] by the Seraphon in his role as god of the sun, the bringer of day and spirit of cosmic flame[2b]. As Seraphon are cold blooded creatures that require external heat to invigorate and energize them, Chotec is a god of particular significance[2b] and those that spawn with his blessings are characterized as much by their often yellow or orange scales as they are by their heightened vigor[2f].

Due to his role as god of the sun, Chotec is often portrayed as a rival to the aspect of Huanchi that serves as a cunning god of the night[2b].


Chotec is revered as part of the sprawling pantheon of the Old Ones[2a] where he is believed to fill the chilled blood of the Seraphon with vitality[2f] and worshipped with icons constructed of either black volcanic rock, or gold that glitters in the light of searing flame[2b]. Chotec is widely worshipped in Hysh, but is most prominently venerated by Seraphon in Aqshy where temple-cities dedicated to Chotec cluster around the most volatile volcanic peaks and the priests within often possess the yellow and orange scales that denote his blessing[2b]. Constellations dedicated to Chotec favor the use of flaming weapons such as sunfire throwers[2c] and their Skink priesthood excel at manipulating pyromantic magics[2b].

Seraphon believe the Spawn of Chotec, a subspecies of Salamander, are the children of their eponymous god[2e] as they hatch only when stars unleash the coronal flares and pulse with flairing wrath- believed by the priesthood to be signs Chotec is assuming his war aspect[2c]. During these same events Skink spawning pools steam and boil, heralding the emergence of a subspecies called Sun Acolytes, their frilled crests and fins reminiscent of those sported by the Salamanders they spawn alongside.[2c]

Sun Acolytes are blessed by Chotec and considered to be his acolytes, carrying an innate affinity for rearing the Spawn of Chotec and sharing their immunity to blistering heat[2c]. The insular skinks dwell within the same volcanic caverns as their charges and emerge only to lead rituals and rites in Chotec's name. These ceremonies often involve sacrificing effigies of gold or raw realmstone, and sometimes even the ritual immolation of live prisoners.[2c]


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