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Ripperdactyls are aggressive, winged reptilian beasts that travel in flocks and descend on anything that moves, regardless of whether or not the creature they attack has actually done anything to earn their ire.[1a]


Ripperdactyls are large, winged reptilian beasts that stand on a pair of hindlimbs and have vicious jaws.[1a]


These creatures are the most aggressive flying beasts employed by the Seraphon, possessing both a voracious hunger and a lust for carnage against anything that crosses their paths.[1a] Even when not compelled by hunger a Ripperdactyl is driven to kill by some unspoken impetus, as if slaughter itself somehow provides sustenance.[2]

They have a particular fondness for the taste of Blot Toads, whose toxin acts as a stimulant for Ripperdactyls, and flocks of Ripperdactyls will tear through their native jungles while on the hunt for them.[1a] To focus the rage of their Ripperdactly forces, Seraphon wizards are known to conjure Blot Toads into the midst of enemy formations, driving the savage predators upon them in a bloodthirsy mania.[2]

Seraphon Skinks that ride Ripperdactyls are known as Braves, due to their daredevil nature compared to most of their kind. Despite being equipped with moonstone spears, the hooked talons of the Ripperdactyl are what does most of the killing work between rider and beast.[2]


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