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Skink Chiefs are the largest, strongest, or most distinguished skinks who inspire and lead the skink cohorts into battle.[1c]

Those mounted on flying mounts are known as Masters of the Skies by their kin.[3c]


Those skinks that rise to the rank of chief have either distinguished themselves in battle or simply take on the role by being the largest and strongest amongst their kind.[1c]


In times of war, the role of the skink chief is to coordinate a wider battlefield strategy between the various skink cohorts and whoever is commanding the Seraphon army.[1c] This is unlike the role of the skink priesthood, which works to divine celestial portents, unleash heavenly magics upon enemies, and to marshal and inspire skinks to battle. Generally, members of the Skink Priesthood will be served by several Skink Chiefs, just as several Skink Priests will serve a Skink Starpriest, in a hierarchical order that continues to the Slann Starmasters.[1b][1c]


Skink Chiefs can be found riding above a battlefield upon winged reptilians beasts. From above, the Chiefs will call out shrill orders to their cohorts below. The Chiefs' daring feats can inspire their skink cohorts just as well as any Skink Priest.[1c]

Those riding upon Ripperdactyls are amongst the most aggressive of skinks, however, it is not the role of the Skink Chief to launch themselves headfirst into battles they cannot win, but rather they will lead hit-and-run attacks with bravado. Often they are the first of the starhost to engage in combat, and should the sight of their boldness not be inspiring enough, the sight of an alpha Ripperdactyl ripping into enemy lines should further fill nervous skinks with greater confidence.[1c][3b]

Those ridding on Terradons are experts at remaining beyond their enemy's range and when to unleash their deadly cargo of rocks on their foes in a coordinated attack for maximum effect. These wily chieftains also direct their allies while flying high, darting down only for brief moments to do a strafing attack run.[3c]


Those Skink Chiefs walking on foot can be armed with a Golden Sickle or an Ornate Club. Some can also poison their foes by shooting poisoned darts from Blowpipes. These are paired with a Star-buckler.[3a]

Those riding on Ripperdactyls or Terradons have Skyblades to attack their foes with.[3b][3c]



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