Thunder Lizard

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Thunder Lizard emblem.

Thunder Lizard is a coalesced Seraphon constellation which guards the Old Ones' greatest treasures, whose powers they readily unleash upon the forces of Chaos.[1a]

Arrival in Chamon

The Thunder Lizard constellation first settled amidst the mercurial outlands of Chamon near the Realm's Edge. Like most Coalesced constellations, they founded their golden cities around the lynchpins of the Astromatrix.[1a]


The Thunder Lizard constellation holds a specialist duty. Within their great temples did they store the most powerful artefacts and machinery of the Old Ones. Why the Thunder Lizard possess so much of the high technology of the Old Ones is unknown. Perhaps it is their role in the Great Plan to stockpile these treasures until they are most needed, or maybe or maybe their ziggurats hide devices capable of stabilising the wildest arcane nodes. It is certainly true many of their strongholds have been established near the realm's edge. If this alone was intended to dissuade treasure hunters, it has not succeeded, for they still come with avarice in their hearts.[1a]


Being settled at the realm's edge, the Thunder Lizard have an increased access to the concentrated magical material known as realmstone. The priests of the Thunder Lizard have extensively studied these substances, and have access to ancient technology capable of refining them into a somewhat more stable form. Chamonite is particularly prized, as the constellation's skink priesthood have become adept at introducing minute quantities of refined Chamonite to the incubation machines of the temple-cities. This substance they transport across the aetheric void through the translocation technology found within the ziggurats. Through this do they give rise to reptilian monsters of truly awesome power.[1a]


The empowered creatures of the Thunder Lizard form the speartip of the constellation's warhosts, and carry some of the mightiest examples of Old One technology. Solar weaponry and legendary Engine of the Gods with well-trained skink crews are common sights amongst their ranks. Not only are these weapons devastating in open combat, but when those who have stolen the constellation's treasures seek to hide behind city walls, the reality-shaking potential of these relics - along with the physical brawn of the reptilian monsters bearing them - makes the Thunder Lizard the premier siege force of the Seraphon[1a]

Relations with Sylvaneth

The Thunder Lizard possess a complex relationship with the fey Sylvaneth. When the constellation's far-reaching warhosts arrive to purge and resettle corrupted sites of power, they and the children of Alarielle commonly find a shared foe. However, in the aftermath of battle, the Sylvaneth disagree with the Thunder Lizard's imposition of rigid celestial order over nature. Such disagreements regularly boil into warfare.[1a]


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