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The Astromatrix, is a network of magical nodes created by the slann for the purpose of defeating the Eternal Enemy.[1a]


The favoured targets of the Seraphon are those places where magical energies pool together, or where exists ley lines of arcane power that cross the aetheric void. These ley lines are akin to the Realmgate network, and are visible to those with mage-sight only under the illumination of the Azyrite star of Sigendil. By seizing these mystic nodes and purifying of the taint of Chaos, the slann impose order upon this strange web of conjunctions that span across and between the realms. This network is known as the Astromatrix. It is also known as the Astromatrix Arcane, the Realmweave, the Great Web and others besides.[1a]

While its precise purpose is unknown, it is only known that it must serve in the slann's great goal of defeating the Eternal Enemy, the Ruinous Powers. It may be that by imposing stringent order upon wellsprings of magic, the slann may stablise the land against the powers of Chaos. Aelven Wanderers likewise pursue a similar goal by planting waystone along the ley lines. However, these Wanderers often come into conflict with uncompromising slann and their Seraphon legions, who wish to claim the ley lines for themselves.[1a]


By connecting these magical nodes, the slann are creating a reservoir of each realm's magical essence, which they can tap into. When the stars of Azyr align, these ley lines will glow with potent sorcerous energies that can be bound to the will of the Slann Starmasters.[1a]

Many temple cities or Realmsphaper Engines are established atop the critical nodes of the Astromatrix. By tapping into these wellsprings of magical energy, the Slann Starmasters are able to power the technologies of their lost masters. However, tapping into the Astromatrix in such a fashion has the side effect of jungles forming around the Realmshpaer Engines coming to reflect the qualities of their home realms. For example, Aqshian temple-cities are often surrounded by sweltering forests, while Shyishian are withered and emaciated.[1c]


During the Age of Myth, the prescience of the slann foretold the stirring of their oldest adversary, the Ruinous Powers. To progress the Great Plan as much as possible before the eventual age of bloodshed the Seraphon constellations moved to claim the first nodes of what would later become the Astromatrix Arcane. During this time, many mortal communities unwittingly settled around these magically charged sites.[1e]

Following the Shyishian Necroquake and the creation of the Shyish Nadir, the Slann Starmasters drew deep within the reserves of their sorucerous strength in order to prevent the magical backlash that tore Shyish at the seams. The Necroquake had shredded and rewrote many ley lines with spectacular force, and at the dawning of the Arcanum Optimar that followed these events, the Seraphon have struggled to retain control over wellsprings of magic found across the realms. The Seraphon struck out across every realm, and crushed any who stood in the way of their plans to re-establish the Astromatrix, particularly in Shyish. After reasserting a measure of control over the wild magics ravaging the realmspheres, and by drawing upon the Astromatrix's carefully hoarded power, Seraphon wizards were able to manipulate and bind Endless Spells to an extent other races could only dream of.[1b]


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