Ever-Raging Flame

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Ever-Raging Flame
Type Aspect of Chaos
Affiliation Chaos
Followers Scions of the Flame[1a]

The Ever-Raging Flame is a malevolent embodiment of the Realm of Fire and the god of the Scions of the Flame.[1a] Ragerock, the Realmstone of Aqshy is said to be the essence of this deity.[1c]


The Scions of the Flame believe that both spirit and flesh are hardened and made greater in the fiery fury of the Ever-Raging Flame and so they have embraced passionate Aqshyian magic, to the point that they consume fiery elemental beasts tied to the Realm.[1a]

In pre-battle rituals the Scions of the Flame consume the hearts of such elemental beasts, such as Magmavores and Ash Salamanders, those that are unworthy of of the Flame's power are incinerated. Those that survive the rituals become living torches who carve through their foes as they are consumed by religious ecstasy.[1a]

The warbands of the Scions of the Flame in the Eightpoints erect braziers filled with brimstone and Ragerock fragments in their territories. The fires burning in these braziers will burn for eternity.[1b]


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