Prince of Cats

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Prince of Cats
Domains Larceny[1b]
Type Underworld Deity
Status Unknown
Affiliation Lords of Mischief
Followers Guttersnipes[1f]
Second Story Artists[1f]
Spire Runners[1a]

The Prince of Cats was the deity who ruled over the Latchkey Isle, an idyllic afterlife for the souls of scoundrels and tricksters, in the Age of Myth.[1a] When the Prince still reigned over the Latchkey Isle, it was a splendid and opulent paradise, full of traps and treasure beyond imagining and all the adventurous souls that dwelled within would compete in an eternal game of wits, as they explored the ever-changing Isle.[1b][1c][1d]

The Prince is said to treasure all beautiful things.[1e] Such beauty is packed tightly into his domain which is full of exotic treasures, fine wines, exquisite foods, and opulent architecture.[1e]


Age of Myth

A Stormvault is placed at the center of Latchkey Isle on orders from Sigmar. The Prince of Cats and the Guardians of the Isle, Mysanta and Theadicles, were originally against this decision, but denying the authority of Azyr and the God-King is no easy task. In the end Sigmar got his way and the Vault of Stars and all within it, were left within the Isle.[1f]

Age of Chaos

The horrors and atrocities of the Age of Chaos raged through the Eight Realms, leaving kingdoms broken and cities burned to ash. As a result the thieves and scoundrels who once worshiped or invoked the Prince of Cats have fewer and fewer bastions in which they can ply their trades, eventually the god is almost entirely forgotten and vanishes.[1f]

Age of Sigmar

The Isle proves a tempting target for the servants of both Nagash and the Dark Gods, they come in their vast legions seeking the treasures within, and some even come seeking the Vault of Stars. Time and time again they are thrown back, but even still the afterlife begins to darken and grow quieter.[1b]

But there are not nearly enough mortal souls in the Realms to sustain the Latchkey Isle and the afterlife is slowly fading into memory. It may vanish entirely from existence or fall to one of the darksome forces attempting to conquer it. Though there remains a glimmer of hope, for as Order extends it's cities and civilizations, those seeking to enrich themselves through larcenous and adventurous methods increase. Perhaps one day the Prince of Cats will return to rule over his domain.[1f]


Samneth, Cunning Agtheyma, the Mirrored Twins, and the Prince of Cats. I am thine humble servant. For this day, and all days to come. Grant me passage unto the realm of your faithful, so that I may praise you through an eternity of larceny and mischief.

The entry phrase to Latchkey Isle uttered by Shevanya Arclis.[1b]


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