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Ascended Gods are entities who were once beings with mortal souls, who became deities through apotheosis. Usually Ascended Gods are weaker than Elemental Gods, but despite this many are still major players in the fate of the Mortal Realms. The former leaders of the Pantheon of Order, except Gorkamorka who is an Elemental God, are the most notable of this type of god.[1][2]

Methods of Ascension

There are many different known methods that mortals ascend to godhood.

  • Incarnates: In the World Before Time Teclis harnessed the power of the vortex in his homeland of Ulthuan. This great ritual divided and bonded the Winds of Magic to eight individuals of his world, which began their apotheosis into godhood.[2]
  • Kragnos, the God of Earthquakes: This vicious Drogrukh warrior ascended by absorbing primordial Ghur magic through the consumption of amberbones and the marrow of powerful monstrous beasts, in combination with the power gained from his many conquests.[3]
  • Morathi-Khaine: Morathi achieved apotheosis via a powerful ritual that transformed the Mother Cauldron into a portal into Slaanesh's gullet. While within it she consumed the king-souls of ancient aelven monarchs.[4a]



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