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The Stalagog
Status Imprisoned
Home The Vault of the Stalagog in the Booming Scar

The Stalagog is a deific entity that takes on the form of a stone spike, that was imprisoned within the Vault of the Stalagog in the Age of Myth.[1a]


Age of Myth

The entity known as the Stalagog was formed by those mighty souls that became lost in the Booming Scar of Hallost and fell into the bottomless recesses of the canyon. With each soul it absorbed the entity grew larger and larger, drawing ever closer to piercing the Realm of Heavens. Eventually it was imprisoned and hidden away in the Vault of the Stalagog. Where it was forgotten about until ages later.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

When the Necroquake sent amethyst energies across the Mortal Realms, it revealed many of the Stormvaults that Sigmar had hidden away in the Age of Myth. The Vault of the Stalagog was but one of these revealed Stormvaults, yet still many flocked to conquer the regions around the Booming Scar. Some seek only to steal the treasures found within the Vault, but others seek to take hold of it to either secure the Stalagog's prison or else feed it so that it can finally pierce the Heavens.[1a]


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