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Type Godbeast
Status Deceased
Home Realm of Aqshy[1a]

Urs-Serkir was a powerful God-Bear that roamed the Mortal Realms during the Age of Myth. It was a monstrous foe, like many other Godbeasts, whose very blood seethed with rage purer than even that of Khorne.[1a]


Age of Myth

In the early days of the Age of Myth the Mortal Realms were fraught with many titanic dangers and horrors that dwarfed even the most terrifying monsters of the Age of Sigmar. Urs-Serkir was one such creature, a Godbeast whose very soul emitted a pure, feral rage.[1a]

Those armies that attempted to bring the monster to an end were infected by its miasmic rage, causing the soldiers to slaughter one another. In the end it took the might of Gorkamorka, whose own fury matched the god-bear's, to behead the beast. But even in death the monster's miasma remained, so the Twin-Headed God kicked its skull and body into the Caustic Peaks.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

The rage of Urs-Serkir remained so great that it infected the very soil of the Caustic Peaks, causing triggering seismic activity that continued unabated even well into the Age of Sigmar.[1a]


Before it was felled by Gorkamorka, Urs-Serkir was a deific bear with rippling muscles and blood that ran hot from its unstoppable rage. Each of its claws were the length of greatswords.[1a]


A miasma of pure, feral rages emanated from Urs-Serkir's very soul, this rage was so great that it turned armies that sought to fell it against one another. This rage lingered even after its death, infecting the ground where its carcass laid causing tremors around the Caustic Peaks.[1a]

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