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Titles Great Devolver[1a]
Bringer of Mutation[1a]
Domains Devolution[1a]
Primordial Sludge[1a]
Affiliation Chaos Pantheon[1a]
Followers Gavespawn[1a]

Morghur is a minor chaos god that spreads disorder and corruption.[1a]



Morghur is an entity of the Realm of Chaos that manifested in the World-That-Was to spread disorder, corruption and reform the land to his dark visions. While the World-That-Was was destroyed, his essence survived escaping through the cracks in the veil between realities and steadily seeping into the wilds of the Mortal Realms.[1a]

Mortal Realms

While Morghur has not yet manifested in the Mortal Realms, he is venerated as a god by the Gavespawn Greatfray and has planted many prophecies in the minds of its shamans.[1a]



The Gavespawn beastherds are often lead or steered by Bray-Shamans, who are often granted visions and prophecies by this twisted god, their fell ravings become even more profane when that happens. They steer these beastherds into creating enough acts of desecration, slaughter and ruin to create rents in the fabric of reality, so more chaos energy pours into the Mortal Realms. These shamans believe that this will not only allow Morghur to manifest himself once more, but that he will have such power that he will surpass all other members of the Chaos Pantheon.[1a]

Those who venerate Morghur see the Chaos Spawn as his most blessed creations, seeing the supreme mutants as the god's degenerate will brought into being. When the mightiest champions of the Gavespawn are grievously wounded in battle, they are sometimes granted the Gift of Morghur and mutate into Chaos Spawn.[1a]

Other Beasts of Chaos are wary of the Gavespawn and their god. While they share a purpose, of eroding the barrier between the Mortal Realms and the Realm of Chaos, the Gavespawn go a step further and seek to reduce everything to seething primordial sludge through which their gods essence can flow unhindered.[1a]


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