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Type Godbeast
Status Deceased/Undead
Home Amethyst Fjords of the Realm of Shyish[1a]
Affiliation Former Servant of Nagash[1a]

Okaenos the Devourer is a Zodiacal Godbeast, and former servant of Nagash the Undying King, that resides in the Amethyst Fjords of Shyish.[1a]


His form is that of a titanic, skeletal titan resembling a reptile encased in an enormous berg of ice, it's monstrous maw houses row upon row of spiny teeth and his neck is so long it can easily encircle a ship. An eternal fire burns within it's gullet, at the center of this fire is the Realmgate known as the Hammerhal Gate. Okaenos can channel this fire to spew flames from his maw, these fires burning those.[1a]


Age of Chaos

At some point during the Age of Chaos, Okaenos consumed what would one day be known as the Hammerhal Gate at Nagash's behest, as well as a legion of Khornate daemons who had been attempting to use the Realmgate to invade Shyish.[1a]

Though this act briefly spared the Realm from incursion from the forces of the Blood God for a time, it cursed Okaenos to an eternity of flame and a tomb of ice. His sacrifice would ultimately come to naught, as Nagash allowed Archaon and the forces of Chaos to claim Gothizzar and the Endgate, the Arcway of Shyish, dooming all of Shyish to incursion by the forces of Chaos.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

By the Age of Sigmar the Godbeast has become consumed by bitterness and spite towards its former master. The Tzeentchian cultist known as the Eye Unseen, a Necromancer who is also a former servant of Nagash, takes advantage of this to convince the Godbeast to allow him to traverse the Hammerhal Gate.[1a] Gotrek Gurnisson and Broddur, a pair of Duardin who had been traveling with the Necromancer, unaware of his true allegiance, attempted to fight the undead titan. Only to be consumed and transported to Hammerhal Aqsha.[1a][1b]


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