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Titles Father of Terrorgheist[2a]
Type Godbeast[2a]
Status Unknown
Relatives Terrorgheists (Reanimated Children)[1b][2a]
Followers Flesh-Eater Courts[2a]
Soulblight Gravelords[1a]

Morbheg, the Father of Terrorgheists, is an ancient Terrorgheist that is well-respected among the nobility of the Soulblight Vampires. It is said that the monstrous beast feasted on the blood of Godbeasts.[1b]


During the Ages, Morbheg sired many bat-like beasts. While these beasts once instilled some form of awe and respect, they have since fallen far. As the megafauna they feasted on got more and more rare, so too did the line of Morbheg decline. The reanimated corpses of the largest of these scions are now known as Terrorgheists. Their smaller cousins retreated deep into sunken caves or crumbling ruins, barely surviving by scavenging corpses and carrion. Now foul and necrotic in appearance, these Nightshriekers have bonded with the ghoulish inhabitants of the Flesh-Eater Courts.[2a]


Morbheg holds a special place in the sagas of the Flesh-Eater Courts. In the chronicles of Ushoran, the great Morbheg sometimes fills the role of rival. Other times he serves as companion to the Carrion king, not unlike the legends of Sigmar and Dracothion. The legacy of the Godbeasts also lives on within the Morbheg Knights, a realm-spanning order of the Flesh-Eater Courts riding to war on top of their Nightshrieker mounts.[2a]

Throughout the Mortal Realms many vampires raise toasts, with goblets full of blood, to the monster.[1b] There is a Feast of Morbheg held in Nulahmia, as part of Neferata's efforts to suppress the mortal nobility of her capital city.[1a]



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