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Argentine in the Hanging Gardens.jpg
Titles Silver Wyrm of Anvrok
Type Godbeast
Status Active
Home Anvrok
Relatives Dracothion (Father)
Affiliation Chaos

Argentine, also known as the Silver Wyrm of Anvrok was the first of the Zodiac Godbeasts corrupted by Archaon turning him into a slave of Tzeentch.[1]


At beginning of the Age of Sigmar it dwelt in the Hanging Valleys, it's warpfire breath heating up the Great Crucible creating rivers of metal that flowed into the other Hanging Valleys. Dracothion fought Argentine during the Quest for Ghal Maraz to allow the Stormcast to climb the waterfalls of now-solid metal. After the fight he would return to heat up the sea only stopping to run away from the light of the Alchemist's Moon.[2a][2b][2c]

The Godbeast fled to the Mercurial Gate where it slumbered and healed in the depths of the Molten Sea until awoken by the defenders facing an onslaught by the forces of Order. Argentine arose and breathed fire on the combatants but before it could do more, its old enemy Dracothian in turn smote it with his own fire, challenging the dragon to combat. The silver wrym rose up into the sky to fight its rival once more. [3a]

Once again, Dracothian was victorious and Argentine forced to flee, this time burrowing deep beneath the Goldvault Mountains. [3b]


It's breath is made out of warpfire and he can vomit tides of daemons.[1][2]


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